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Welcome to CheyenneIndian.com, a website covering the history, language and culture of the Cheyenne people.

To begin with, we have included a short history of the Cheyenne, featuring the important events, stories, and tragedies which have shaped this important Native American tribe.

We have created a section about the Cheyenne language, with some commonly used words and their translations, and links to other interesting resources such as downloads, and interesting websites.

We have also included a page on the flags of the Northern and Southern Cheyenne, and a descriptions of their symbols and meanings.

We have also set up a discussion board, so that you may exchange information with others interested in Cheyenne culture and history, and for those who seek information about their genealogy.

This site is a work in progress.  In the coming months, we plan to add a bibliography, as well as other sections to the site.



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